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Phone Consultation

Part I

HIS Place for Help in Schooling has parents at the heart of its mission.  The role of teaching your own child is an awesome responsibility.  When your child has special needs, there are many additional needs and concerns.  I would like to offer you a chance to personally consult by phone so that you can get help with your family’s home schooling needs.  You will be able to share specific concerns, and provide background information on your child/children and home schooling situation.

How do I arrange a Phone Consultation?

You will need to fill in a questionnaire and send your deposit before making your phone call to HIS Place.  To arrange a phone consultation:

  • 1.  Send me a brief e-mail to H.I.S. Place and describe your needs.  Provide your name and mailing address, and phone number.  A packet of materials will be sent directly to you by email. You may download a copy of the Parent Questionnaire here. You may also download an explanatory Letter to Parent here containing information about preparing for the consultation.
  • 2.  Return the packet with the requested information and a $175.00 check or money order.  HIS Place will e-mail you, or call if you prefer, to arrange a time and date for your consultation.
  • 3.  Make sure you remember that HIS Place is on Eastern Time so that we can coordinate our time to talk.
  • 4.  Pray that God will direct our conversation during our phone time.


**The $175 fee covers your personal one-hour long telephone consultation, as well as the two to three hours I will spend reviewing all of your materials, doing research to locate information to address your needs, and preparing your final report.

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